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Content Team

Content Team

What do we do?

Our job is to make sure everyone at the event and outside the event knows what's going on! We're the ones running around with cameras shooting photos and videos throughout the weekend and keeping the intranet and website up to date with the latest news as well as keeping our social media channels up to date. 

We also work closely with the esports team supporting our live coverage channels as well as improving our production quality at the event around audio, lighting and screen content. 

How can I help?

Do you have skills in any of the following areas? If so, get in touch to arrange a chat about our next event:


About Helping at epic.LAN

epic.LAN is entirely supported by a group of dedicated volunteers. They give their time and their effort to make sure our events are as “epic” as they can be every single time. You will not find a single paid member of the team (not even management!).

We ask all team members to: