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COD4 - Rules

Version 1 (Authors - messioso)

These are the rules from the epic.NINE tournament and will be updated for epic.ELEVEN shortly, they are for guidance only.

Entry Criteria

Players must be registered with a participant ticket for epic.ELEVEN to take part in this tournament. Registration will close by 8pm Thursday 25th July for teams, players must be signed up to the tournament to participate, an event ticket alone does not guarantee tournament entry.

A briefing will take place with clan leaders and/or team managers on the morning of the tournament start which must be attended.

At least one member of the clan must remain in the internal tournament IRC channel throughout the tournament times.

Tournament Format

The tournament structure will operate as group stages followed by double elimination.

Match Format

Each match is played on the scheduled map as detailed in the tournament management system, selected from the list below.
Matches will be played to max rounds 12 via the promod_mode match_pb_mr12.


- In Groups:
A 12-12 score is fine.

- In Playoffs:
In case of a 12-12 score, the map will go to an mr3 overtime. The server must be set to promod mode match_pb_mr3 and the teams will start on the original side they started the map on. The map will end when one team scores 4 rounds in an overtime.

Early Retirement

All matches should be played in full as the final result counts towards your rating (in the group stage). If a clan leaves early (for example, winning 13-0 ) the remaining team can claim the 11 rounds left to be played.

Ranking and Promotion

The top 16 ranked teams will progress through to the playoffs.

In the following cases:

2 groups = Top 8 from each
4 groups = Top 4 from each
8 groups = Top 2 from each


Teams are allowed 1 timeout per side, 2 per map. These must be called via the in-game promod menu. These can be used for any reason.

Voice Communication

Either in-game or externally provided voice communications are permitted, such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak or Mumble. Note that epic.LAN may not be able to provide these dedicated voice comms resources for all of those listed due to licensing restrictions, clans should be prepared to make their own voice communications arrangements.


The following maps may be selected for play during the tournament by our system:

  • mp_crash
  • mp_crossfire
  • mp_backlot
  • mp_strike
  • mp_citystreets


All players should record full POV demo's for the duration of each match.

Illegal Scripts and Binds

Scripts & config tweaking including but not limited to nadescripts, weapon_next, macros etc. including configs that change commands/rates ( These commands range from set nade binds to gain the longest throw to scripting a superior firing rate of semi-automatic weapons. This also includes multi-command binds such as bind MOUSE2 "toggleads; +attack on scroll wheel".) are not allowed during matches.

Illegal Files

ALL matches are to be played with the generic Call of Duty 4 Files and the Promod files. Players found with any tweaked files, or non-generic files (e.g. skins, audio, etc.) will be removed from the tournament and event.

Third Party Programmes

Using any third party software (e.g. nVidia Control Panel or RivaTuner) to tweak Graphics settings to give you an advantage is NOT allowed. An example of this would be Ambient Occlusion - this is NOT allowed.

Servers & Scheduling

All players must be ready in the server at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time unless a match is already in play on your server (in which case, speak to a game admin for further instructions).
If a team does not have at least 4 players in the server 15 minutes after the scheduled match start, they will forfeit and the opposing team will be awarded the win for that match. If only 4 players are present in the server, the match will begin after 15 minutes.
Acceptable reasons for missing the scheduled start of a match are:

  • Network failure
  • Server failure
  • Power failure

The allocation of teams will be decided via a knife round or by the mutual consent of the two teams. If mutual consent cannot be reached then a knife round will be completed.

Server Crashes

In the event of server failures, please contact a game admin who will advise further.

Cheating & Exploits

The use of any forbidden cheat program, hack, exploit or file by any clan member during an epic.LAN will lead to the exclusion of the clan from the tournament and potential dismissal from the event and future events.
The game admins may inspect your machine at any time during the tournament for evidence of cheats or hacks.


No spectators will be allowed to connect directly to the game, with the exception of the game admin team, tournament manager, or persons approved by them.


Servers for the tournament will be passworded, you can find your password on the tournament system at the event for each match.

Server Settings

epic.LAN tournament servers will be running promodlive211 and other scripts as directed by the game admins.
These rules are subject to change. The game admin and tournament team leader decisions are always final.

Cancellation of Tournament

epic gaming Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw this tournament should there be an insufficient number of participating teams.