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CSGO - Prize

The minimum guaranteed prize fund for this tournament (based on 4 teams attending) is £750 + tickets/discount to the next epic.LAN event (total value £1200). Should the full 32 teams enter, the prize fund will be increased to £3000 cash + £435 in event tickets.

All prizes are paid out immediately after the final!

We ask that winning teams remain to the end of event prize giving ceremony which will be some time during the afternoon of Sunday 28th July.

Prize Distribution

TeamsPrize Fund1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceTickets
4 - 7 £750 £525 £225   First: Free
Second: £20 Discount
8 - 11 £1000 £750 £250  
12 - 15 £1250 £850 £400  
16 - 19
£1500 £950 £450 £100 First: Free
Second: £20 Discount
Third: £10 Discount
20 - 23
£2000 £1200 £600 £200
24 - 28
£2350 £1425 £700 £225
29 - 31
£2650 £1575 £800 £275
£3000 £1725 £875 £300 (4th £100)

Prize Payment

Teams Remaining Until Prize Giving

Prize money will be paid by BACS or PayPal to details provided by the Clan Leader by the end of the event. The Clan Leader is then responsible for the fair distribution amongst the team.

Teams Leaving Before Prize Giving

Prize money payment will be initiated by BACS or PayPal within 7 working days after the end of the event to details provided by the Clan Leader. The Clan Leader is then responsible for the fair distribution amongst the team.

Non UK Teams

Non-UK transfers may take longer to initiate due to the additional information required, however they will be processed as soon as we are given the full details required for transfer.

Event Tickets

Event Ticket prizes will be paid by discount voucher, redeemable according to normal epic.LAN terms & conditions through the event booking system. Discount vouchers will be created and distributed to the Clan Leader within 28 days after the event, tickets are for BYOC only.