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LoL - Rules

Version 1 (Authors - Winbar, Valgar, Bicko)


Entry Criteria

Players must be registered with a participant ticket for epic.ELEVEN to take part in this tournament. Registration will close by 8pm Thursday 25th July for teams, players must be signed up to the tournament to participate, an event ticket alone does not guarantee tournament entry.

A briefing will take place with clan leaders and/or team managers on the morning of the tournament start which must be attended.

At least one member of the clan must remain in the internal tournament IRC channel throughout the tournament times.

Players should have at least 16 champions unlocked in order to use tournament draft mode (for pause/resume).

Tournament Format

5v5 with a maximum of 3 substitutes available to each team.

Group stage into double elimination, BO5 finals (subject to time constraints)


Draws are not possible as such in League of Legends, in the event of a player's computer crashing and unable to reconnect, the tournament admin or tournament manager will make the final decision on how the game will be handled.

Match Format

  • Group Stages - Best of One
  • Double Elimination - Best of 3
  • Finals - Best of 5 (subject to time constraints

Voice Communication

Either in-game or externally provided voice communications are permitted, such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak or Mumble. Note that epic.LAN may not be able to provide these dedicated voice comms resources for all of those listed due to licensing restrictions, clans should be prepared to make their own voice communications arrangements.

Servers & Scheduling

All players must be ready in the server at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

If a member of the team is not available to create a 5 person team, the team will be disqualified. If a replacement team member can be found, they will need to register themselves with the admin team before the tournament stats.

If the game has not started after 10mins from the scheduled start time, the tournament admins will be forced to take action (warning, penalty, disqualification or match loss).

Acceptable reasons for missing the scheduled start of a match are:

  • Network failure
  • Server failure
  • Power failure

Server Crashes

In the event of server failures (i.e. entire game has been lost with no possible way of restoring it), then all matches that are affected by the crash will be restarted from the beginning unless there will be a definite winner, e.g. a team has aced the enemy team and is about to destroy the nexus. This can be proved by screenshots or LoL replay.

Cheating & Exploits

The use of any forbidden cheat program, hack, exploit or file by any clan member during an epic.LAN will lead to the exclusion of the clan from the tournament and potential dismissal from the event and future events.
The game admins may inspect your machine at any time during the tournament for evidence of cheats or hacks.

Restrictions on Skins & Champions


  • iBlitzCrank
  • Steel Legion Lux

Other skin restrictions may be released closer to the event.


No champions are currently banned from the tournament, however if Lucien is released before or during the tournament he will not be enabled for the duration of the tournament.

If Riot disable a champion at the start, or mid-way through the tournament then re-enable that champion before the end of the tournament, the champion will remain banned throughout the tournament.

Unsporting Behaviour & Misconduct

Players must not gain knowledge of the game state from outside of the game, including:

  • Screen-watching/ghosting
  • Stream watching

Any players caught engaging in this kind of behaviour will be punished at the discretion of the tournament admins.

Logos & Iconography

Where possible, teams should submit an official logo for use in brackets and announcements. Images should ideally be 256x256 and PNGs with transparent backgrounds. Any team that does not submit a logo will be given a default shared logo where necessary.


No spectators will be allowed to connect directly to the game, with the exception of the game admin team, tournament manager, or persons approved by them.

Cancellation of Tournament

epic gaming Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw this tournament should there be an insufficient number of participating teams.