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Esports Team

eSports Team

What do we do?

We're essentially the referees of our esports gaming series at epic.LAN. We work with a range of competitive communities raising awareness of the event and help to organise players and teams before and during the LAN. 

Once at the event, we schedule and arrange the esports matches, try to keep everything running on time and oversee the rules of the tournament. 

The esports casters also form part of the team, making sure that our best games are streamed out over Twitch to those who want to watch the event unfold from work. We also assist the content team with game specific knowledge and interviews. 

The esports team is tactically the closest epic.LAN team to the bar at our events, and are pretty much responsible for keeping the venue's Jager stocks moving. 

Many of our esports team members have gone on to work for large esports companies in paid roles (such as ESL) using the experience gathered by working with epic.LAN. 

How can I help?

Do you have skills in any of the following areas? If so, get in touch to arrange a chat about our next event:


About Helping at epic.LAN

epic.LAN is entirely supported by a group of dedicated volunteers. They give their time and their effort to make sure our events are as “epic” as they can be every single time. You will not find a single paid member of the team (not even management!).

We ask all team members to: