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Event Team

Event Team

What do we do?

We provide general support to everybody at the event, whether it's simple technical support, to organising games and keeping the venue safe, clean and tidy. 

Our main role is to organise the social side of the event and make sure everyone has a great time while at epic.LAN. This includes setting up and running our big games and fun tournaments and helping to communicate official and unofficial social activities throughout the event. 

We provide '1st line' technical support where we can to our customers, exhibitors and partners before handing over to the technical support staff for more complex issues. 

We are also the first people you meet when you arrive at our main events. We greet our customers, point people in the right direction when they arrive, answer any queries people may have and check that only people who are supposed to be at the event come in. We also run the 24h tock shop during the event to make sure we keep you fuelled. 

In addition, we make regular checks throughout the event to ensure our guests are safe and comfortable, including cleaning, temperature, lighting and general health and safety. 

How can I help?

Do you have skills and experience in any of the following areas? If so get in touch to arrange a chat about our next event if you think you can add something to the team:


About Helping at epic.LAN

epic.LAN is entirely supported by a group of dedicated volunteers. They give their time and their effort to make sure our events are as “epic” as they can be every single time. You will not find a single paid member of the team (not even management!).

We ask all team members to: