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  • EPIC34 - Sold Out

    We saw a record breaking number of tickets in the last 48h, clearly everyone wants LAN back! 

    But that does mean EPIC34 is now sold out. And when we say sold out, we really do mean that, not that we're going to suddenly find a few hundred more tickets that we've been hiding away. 

    As tempting as it is to open up more rooms and squeeze more rows in, we have to remember that COVID is still a thing, we have to keep a safe venue capacity, plus there is already limited car parking space at the venue due to the COVID testing site occupying a section of the car park, so the limit we've announced is really the limit. 

    The only way to get a ticket now is through our waiting list, if people choose to cancel their tickets. 

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  • EPIC34 Seating Plan

    We've been waiting for some final capacity and layout confirmations and now we are in a position to open the EPIC34 seating plan. 

    We are opening this much closer to the event than we would normally so please read on to find out exactly how things will work. 

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  • EPIC34 1st August Update

    After such a long time without large LAN events, we all know the first one back will be a little different. But throughout the pandemic we've been keeping a close eye on the guidance keeping in touch with Kettering Conference Centre throughout ready for our first event back. 

    Officially the centre is closed until 2022 (apart from the gym and sports facilities) so the venue is opening specially for us for EPIC34 in October. That does mean that as the centre is operating on minimal staffing there will be a number of temporary changes for this event, combined with extra COVID-safety measures. 

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  • It's Coming Home (No-not that)

    Is there ever a right time to return to events? 

    Who really knows, but we have to start planning positively because of the lead in time to prepare an event like EPIC.LAN, so with that in mind we're excited to launch ticket sales for EPIC34 this October, back in our Kettering Conference Centre home. 

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  • So What Is It?

    We've all missed events so much, we've decided to launch a new one! Introducing the EPIC.LAN Tabletop Edition. 

    This event is something we've wanted to try for some time, but the whole global pandemic thing slowed us down. But after we found a new venue for our July event, one thing led to another and we've decided to launch our pilot tabletop event at our Coventry outpost this August. 

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