About Us

EPIC.LAN is an independent traditional community LAN party with a great mixture of casual gaming and esports tournaments. Our main events take place 3 times a year with smaller events in between including our dedicated TableTop weekenders and our new "luxury" LAN.
EPIC.LAN has been the start of many journeys in to esports from our players through to back stage staff and talent, many of the people who've come through EPIC.LAN now work full time around the world in related industries. 
Outside of our LAN parties, we also offer B2B gaming and esports services to other events and brands, whether that's equipment hire, networking, crew sourcing or custom software development. 

The team behind EPIC.LAN has over 19 years of experience delivering gaming events for both social and competitive gamers as well as a wide industry experience. The team are also avid gamers themselves and you will often see them on online servers as well as visiting LAN events worldwide to look at what works best for our home LANs.

Company Details

EPIC.LAN is a registered trademark of Epic Gaming Ltd. (Company Registration No: 07096533, Registered in England & Wales).
No, we aren't the company that made that Battle Royale game, we can't help you if you got your account hacked or don't like any gameplay changes, you should contact the people who made it instead! 

But if you want to talk to us about our events and our esports technical support agency:
Address: Unit 3, Greenfield Industrial Estate, Back Lane, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4TR
Telephone: 01260 701042
Company Email: enquiries@epiclan.co.uk
VAT Registration: 265 9476 54