epic.LAN - Fun UK LAN Gaming at its Best

About Us

epic.LAN is here to bring the fun back to LAN gaming, after all most of us attended our first LAN party to enjoy fun games in a social environment. We are an entirely independent UK LAN party and eSports event.

The team behind epic.LAN has over 10 years of experience delivering gaming events for both social and competitive gamers as well as a wide industry experience. The team are also avid gamers themselves and you will often see them on online servers as well as visiting LAN events worldwide to look at what works best for our home LANs.

With a fresh start, we have a fantastic opportunity to try out some new ideas for the events, all of which are aimed at relaxing the atmosphere and increasing the enjoyment.

Fun LAN gaming has returned...and it's going to be epic!

Company Details

epic.LAN is a trading entity of epic gaming Ltd. (Company Registration No: 07096533, Registered in England & Wales) The company consists entirely of members of the staff team who have been bringing you LAN events for over 10 years previously as CentralanUK and now as epic.LAN. epic gaming Ltd. is a private limited company owned by shareholders who exist solely to run fun LAN gaming events to you, there are no external private backers, no venture capital funders, just a team of people who enjoy playing games!
Address: Unit 48, Imex Business Park, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. ST4 3NP
Telephone: 0845 5274598
Company Email: enquiries@epiclan.co.uk
VAT Registration: 265 9476 54