Brand Pack

From time to time people may wish to use our logo, e.g. for team results during our events. We don't mind people using our logo in association with our events, but we would ask that it's used in the right way and not modified outside of the guidelines below, after all, it is our logo! 

If you are unsure about any of the following points, please ask first

General Guidelines

  • The logo should always be used in the proportions and angles below. Don't stretch, skew, rotate or reconfigure them in any way. 
  • Ensure that your background leaves the EPIC.LAN wording legible. 
  • You may not use the logo to imply any sort of affiliation or partnership with EPIC.LAN without specific permission. 
  • You may not use the logo commercially without specific permission. This also includes using our logo on any merchandise or apparel. 
  • You can't use our sponsors' logos sorry, unless of course, you're also sponsored by them. But they all have their own rules to follow and it would get way too complicated! 
  • Leave plenty of space around the logo and between our logo and any others, preferably about the same amount of padding as the size of the C in the EPIC.LAN logo. 
  • Don't make it so small that you have to sit with your face touching your monitor to read it. 

Full Logo

Where possible, please try to use the full logo in the below formats:


Full Logo Black - PNG Full Logo Black/Orange - PNG
Full Logo Black - AI Full Logo Black/Orange - AI
Full Logo White - PNG Full Logo White/Orange - PNG
Full Logo White - AI Full Logo White/Orange - AI


Full Logo Pack (ZIP)


Icon Only

Sometimes the full logo does not fit within your graphics or may not look balanced, as long as the EPIC.LAN/Event Name wording appears somewhere in your graphics or social media post, you may just use the icon version. 



Icon Black - PNG Icon Orange - PNG
Icon Black - AI Icon Orange - AI
Icon White - PNG  
Icon White - AI  


The logo should only appear in the following colour combinations:

  • Black
  • White
  • Orange (#F47B20, RGB 244, 123, 32)

The EPIC.LAN text should always be in black or white with the E icon and dot preferably in orange if the background of your image contrasts sufficiently.  

The logo may not be recoloured in to any other base colours and combinations. 

In Words

When referring to the event, we're either EPIC.LAN or EVENTNAME+Number, e.g. EPIC33/EPIC34, all in block caps. Not EPIC.LAN33 etc.