Press, Media & Creators

EPIC.LAN welcomes members of the press, content creators and media to cover its gaming activities. Our event management team will be happy to accommodate any reasonable requests for information from the media and accredited representatives are free to attend our events to provide coverage (see below criteria for accreditation).

Media Accreditation for Events

It is important to ensure that all media relating to EPIC.LAN and its activities is produced at a high journalistic quality. We often receive requests from individuals seeking media accreditation for our events in order to simply gain free access. Therefore, in order to become accredited to attend EPIC.LAN events as a member of the broadcast, web or print media, we ask that you complete the media application with as much detail as possible (for industry pass applications, please complete the industry application instead).

Please note that press passes are intended for media organisations and individuals to provide coverage of the events and are not free tickets to participate in the event.

It is unlikely that we will grant media passes to representatives writing on behalf of teams/organisations at this time due to the limited space available at the venue and a high volume of media requests. We would encourage team writers, photographers, social media authors to purchase a spectator ticket for their chosen event. Exceptions may be made where teams can demonstrate high levels of traffic to their websites and social media accounts.  

Media representatives may not participate in any of our tournaments, full BYOC tickets are required. Media tickets may be revoked, including during the event, if representatives are not acting appropriately.