EPIC.LAN is a community LAN party run by a dedicated crew who just love gaming and esports.

We all give our time and their effort to make sure our events are as “epic” as they can be every single time. People get great experience out of it, learning key esports, gaming and event management skills. 

Everyone has their own reasons for volunteering whether that's to gain early experience in a new field, to make friends or simply because they enjoy it as a break from their normal lives. It's important to consider what you want to get out of it before applying and make sure it is right for you. 

The EPIC.LAN team has 19+ years of experience in putting on events for the UK gaming community. Members of the team have also been involved in a range of other events and tournaments around the UK with many former team members going on to bigger and better things in esports and gaming around the world having used EPIC.LAN to get their introduction in to the industry. 

EPIC.LAN’s expertise covers a huge range of our own offline events as well as services for a number of external clients both online and in venues from Birmingham’s NEC to the Wembley Stadium. See www.epiclanservices.co.uk for services we provide outside of our own events. 

Please note the minimum age for volunteering at the events is 18.

Find out more about each team below and how you can get involved:

  • Operations Team - Provides general support to everybody at the event, whether it's simple technical support, to keeping the venue safe, clean and tidy. 
  • Community Team - The community team runs our Lakeside hall, fun tournament programme, community activities, big games and board games area, keeping people busy throughout the weekend. 
  • Technical Team - Makes everything technical work at the event, particularly our temporary event network and many software systems used to control the event. They lead on the core network configuration and build as well as detailed diagnosis of any issues during the weekend. 
  • Front of House Team - Faces of the event who you'll meet when you arrive, look after you on the helpdesk and serve you at our event shop. 
  • Coverage Team - Makes sure everyone at the event and outside the event knows what's going on! They're the ones running around with cameras shooting photos and videos throughout the weekend as well as keeping our social media channels active. 
  • Production Team - Responsible for the production and content of our main stage and esports streams at EPIC.LAN events including show direction, stage management, graphics, cameras, stream engineering and audio.  
  • League Operations Team - The referees of our esports gaming series at EPIC.LAN as well as providing commentary on our esports streams. We work with a range of competitive communities raising awareness of the event and help to organise players and teams before and during the LAN. 
  • Management Team - Oversees all aspects of the event to make sure that everyone is having a great time and that everything is working as it should do. 

About Helping at EPIC.LAN

At events, we ask team members to:

  • Support the build and pack down of the event (where available)
  • Implement our code of conduct and COVID-19 policies and follow them in the same way that participants would
  • Deal with customer enquiries
  • Look out for other team members, whichever team they are on and make sure everyone is taking plenty of breaks
  • Maintain a high standard of health & safety and cleanliness and to rectify any issues straight away
  • Help with event safety and help provide support for the duration of the event
  • Be on site for the duration of the event if possible (apart from breaks as agreed with your team leader)
  • Be familiar with all safety procedures and assist with any major incident plans
  • Report any concerns to a member of the management team or security

Crew Application

If the embedded form does not display correctly for you, you can visit the form direct