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Loyalty Scheme


We recently changed how our pricing structure worked. Rather than rewarding people who are the fastest to book a limited number of early booking discounts, we decided to move towards a system that rewards our most loyal participants.

So if you attend more events, bring new people to the events, and take part in loads of our LAN and social activities you will gain epic loyalty points.

Some of the things you can gain loyalty points on include:

Main Activities

epic.LAN Participant Attendance = 250pts
epic.lite Participant Attendance = 150pts
New User Registration = 25pts
New User Referral = 500pts
Community Trip Attendance = 100pts

Achievement Activities

Helping Hand = 50pts
Quiz/Fun Tournament Winner = 100pts
Participation in Quiz/Fun/Prize Tournaments = 10pts

We also reserve the right to deduct points for trolling/abuse and anything that breaks our terms & conditions.

Points Conversion

Currently 1 point = £0.01

Around every quarter (though this may be aligned to events ending to allow people to use points on their next booking), we convert all of your points in to voucher codes. These vouchers can be spent as discounts against your epic.LAN bookings. Your vouchers have a 12 month expiry and you can use multiple vouchers in a transaction, so you can save up your vouchers to try to get close to a free event if you wish.

Note that your points can only be redeemed against epic.LAN bookings and not converted to cash or used at our event shop.

You can check your current loyalty points and vouchers on your account page (logged in users only).