Friday 15th - Monday 18th February 2013
Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB


Tournament Results

Call of Duty 4

OverclockersUKGold GB Phantasmagoria (thepunisher, kex, leonidas, Luboshmir, vaezors) - £850 + 5x BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Cube Cases + tickets to epic.ELEVEN
GB imGaming (stu, Blackout, imChris, DOOPZ, frazzy) - £400 + 5x BitFenix Recon Internet-Controlled Fan Controller (Black) + discounted tickets to epic.ELEVEN
GB Team Decerto (LuKe1994, aidN, KyleEe, qwRx) - 5x BitFenix Hydra Fan/LED Controller

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CM StormGold GB fish123 (jakem, zed, Weber, jamem, pezz) - £750, 5x CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboards + tickets to epic.ELEVEN
GB Infused.Tt (Crazysmurf, KritikaL, JAMES_PERROTT, Puls3, Zeox) - £250, 5x CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Gaming Keyboards + discounted tickets to epic.ELEVEN



RoccatGold FR imaginary Gaming (SEVtm, VladTepes, YoYa, BanZ, rOze) - £525, 5x Roccat Savu Mice + tickets to epic.ELEVEN
GB Team enigma (stephen11, Antaby, Goshawk, PainxD, DreadKnight) - £225, 5x Roccat Vire Headset + discounted tickets to epic.ELEVEN


Fun Tournaments

F1 2011

Gold Booti - AOC 2353FH Monitor

Dav Ral- Zowie AM Optical Gaming Mouse & Swift Gaming Surface from OverclockersUK

Unreal Tournament 2004

Gold Vardy - Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card

Riot - Zowie AM Optical Gaming Mouse & Swift Gaming Surface from OverclockersUK

Kinect - Just Dance 4

Gold Adunas - InWin Mana 136 Case

Gold Swyft - InWin Commander III 700W PSU

Minecraft Create

Gold Sandbox Warriors (dangermouse, Rossi_69, Ghozer, Phantaz) - Roccat Lua Mice

Gold WhatWasThePlan (left-one, dex) - Roccat Sense Chrome Gaming Surface

Pub Quiz

Gold Streamgasm  - 86 points

Rebel Scum - 83 points

Cantfitmy & Pistorius hasn't got a leg to stand on - 80 points