Fun UK LAN Gaming at its Best
UK LAN Gaming Party and Esports Event



Friday 14th - Monday 17th February 2014
Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB


Tournament Results

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Gold GB Team CRG (redsnake, Decclan, tsack CRMJ, danielsan) - £750 + tickets to epic.THIRTEEN

GB TheLovelyMen (fearLess, JTHAHA, HenryG, Sliggy, ToTTyToTz) - £250 + discounted tickets to epic.THIRTEEN

League of Legends - Sponsored by Astro Gaming

Astro GamingGold GB FM RaiderZ (Tundra, Samwise, Akamezz, Mayh3M, Akilord) - £750 + tickets to epic.THIRTEEN + 5x Astro A40 Audio System (worth £199.99 each) + €52 RP + Triumphant Ryze Per Player
GB Team Infused (Das, Tally, B0lt, Infused_Omega, Nutri) - £250 + discounted tickets to epic.THIRTEEN + 5x Astro A30 Headsets (worth £79.99 each) + €39 RP Per Player
GB myXMG (WaWa, lankydan, Krisso, redmovement, geobob) -  €26 RP Per Player

Starcraft 2

Gold GB FM Ourk - £200 + ticket to epic.THIRTEEN
GB TLR Rotcod - £50 + discounted ticket to epic.THIRTEEN

ESL UK Dota 2 Challenge


Gold GB Dwayne The John Rockson
GB So LeJit

Fun Tournaments

GTOmegaF1 2012

Gold Dav_Ral - GT Omega Racing Office Chair

Jayling - InWin GR One Chassis & BatMat


UT 2004

Gold Vardy - InWin 904 Chassis

Mithius - InWin GT 1 Chassis & BatMat

Just Dance 2014

Gold Genclay - Prize TBC

Gold Dav_Ral  - InWin Batmat


Gold Nickyg - SteelSeries QCK mass Gank Edition Mousemat & Kana Gaming Mouse

Gold Bicko

Pub Quiz

Gold Gunmens' Gay Mountain - 90 Points

Generic Black Man Will Smith - 83 Points

Dick Havers - 81 Points