Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th October 2019
Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB


Tournament Results

Sunny BroadbandSunny Broadband Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Gold GB ferrari peakers (whisk, Adam9130, dOMM, ozzyxd, Luzuh) - £1850 + Tickets to epic26

 GB Fierce Esports (swaggyavii, HypeIzBack, em1n, fzaN, kpiz) - £900 + Discount to epic26

 GB CeX (resu, LiamS, Nukeddog, Murky, cnxx) - £250 + Discount to epic26


Starcraft 2

Gold GB  RiSky - £350 + Tickets to epic26

 GB  RazerBlader - £100 + Discount to epic26

 GB  bellator - £50 + Discount to epic26

Dota 2 2v2

Gold GB Tsoodle (Xion, soodle) - £100
 GB Leno (normyp, Meep) - £50

Rocket League

Gold GB My Gran Said (Capitan, Elpablo25, LoneAvenger) - £400 + Tickets to epic26
 GB Maximum Effort Reprobate Party (Martyrz, EpicalMoose, return2home) - £200 + Discounts to epic26


Fun Tournaments

PUBQ Squads - Sponsored by be quiet!

Gold gaymers


 Koggies FAT nipples

Beat Saber - Sponsored by Noctua

Gold DeeEmmSee



Mario Kart - Sponsored by X-Gamer

Gold Elxando


Tekken 7 - Sponsored by X-Gamer

Gold Noxual


Hearthstone - Sponsored by X-Gamer

Gold TQAFirehawk


CoatsinkPub Quiz - Sponsored by Coatsink

Gold - It's Only Cannabalism if you Swallow (Tiebreaker 97pts)

 - Quiz on My Face (Tiebreaker 97pts)