Fun UK LAN Gaming at its Best
UK LAN Gaming Party and Esports Event




Thursday 13th - Sunday 16th June 2019
Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB




Tournament Results

Counter-Strike Global Offensive - Sponsored by Grosvenor Casinos

Gold GB fish123 (Kryptix, smooya, ardiis, Surreal, robiin) - £2250 + Tickets to epic28

 GB Buzzkill Esports (Russ, HypeIzBack, leaffffffffff, -Hawk, Jsavvvv, PCAIL) - £1150 + Discount to epic28

 GB Darkspawn Gaming (kpiz, ozzyxd, whisk, Puls3, Jenko) - £450 + Discount to epic28

  GB Bulldog Esports (-impact, MT, EMPERORR, RezzeD, CAICYPHER) - £150 + Discount to epic28


Starcraft 2 - Supported by Risky

Gold GB RazerBlader - £350 + Tickets to epic28

 GB Spazymazyy - £100 + Discount to epic28

 GB Zain - £70 + Discount to epic28

GB Kray - £50 

5th - 8th - £20


Rainbow Six Siege 5v5 - Supported by The Koyo Store

Gold GB Demise (rhysss, Turkz, BlackoutGB, Speedz, Sh4ttered) - £525 + Tickets to epic28 + Official Siege Pin Set
 GB Peak Esports (Qualdog, Sigra, Jimmothy, Spordos, Taco) - £225 + Discount to epic28


Rocket League 3v3 - Sponsored by LogitechG

Gold GB Buzzkill (Polar, Rafro98, BananaMan) - £600 + Tickets to epic28 + Logitech PRO Gaming Headsets
 GB BOLO (CDMagu, Noah, Mercy_RL) - £300 + Discounts to epic26 + Logitech G502 Mice


Fun Tournaments


2x Community Champion - Inferno


PUBG Squads - Sponsored by ASTRO Gaming

Gold PUBGReddit+2 (DanBennett, TheMrFox, JustCallMeLewis, katiejjk)

Devitos & Salsa (Benji, SirTibis, Howeytom, kimski)

Beat Saber - Sponsored by Logitech G

Gold Pro Winner - DeeEmmSee

Gold Amateur Winner - Yeggstry

League of Legends 1v1 - Sponsored by LogitechG

Gold Azrael_Jiraco


Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Sponsored by 404 Games

Gold Davecena


F1 2012



Pub Quiz - Sponsored by Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming with Proceeds to Special Effect

Gold - Teamed Hams (67 Pts)

- JoeShow's Hoes (62 Pts)