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Camping has been chargeable at the summer events for a number of years due to the extra security numbers required by the venue. 

Caravans/motorhomes are not permitted and no electrical hookup facilities are available. 

Free Indoor Sleeping

Limited space will be available indoors for sleeping, note that communal sleeping areas can get noisy, so we advise wearing earplugs in these areas. Just bring a camp bed, sleeping bag, pillow and crash after a day's gaming. Note that booking this service with your ticket does not guarantee indoor sleeping space, it is purely for guidance. 

The sleeping rooms for this event will be: Pendeen and Boathouse

Hotels and B&Bs

Holiday Inn Express Kettering is running a limited discount for the event making rooms £55 per night including breakfast. Use Group Code EL3 to book. 

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The Floor

We don't mind if you just want to grab some sleep in the main halls. Just make sure that you don't block any fire escape routes and that'll be fine. You may want to buy some earplugs from reception though to give you a peaceful night.