EPIC36 Powered by Intel

EPIC36 Powered by Intel

Results for EPIC36 - Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th July 2022
Venue: Kettering Conference Centre

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Tournament Results

EPIC36 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Gold EMPS KIDS - CrYths, Moshi, Yoshwa1, JackB, CAICYPHER, Emperor - £1,450

BLVKHVND - frazehh, JAUSTERE-, Zulu, DeXter, TIMMO - £750

 AVA.Esports - Earl, Mophoria, AZUWU, mV, Connz1 - £300

Temperate - Mrhuii, Emyrgreen, ReeGaN-, MMS, Fluffs - £150

Tom Fatal - m2k1, Yen1, haznoodle, Wolfie_xp, Maza - £75

GENETEXE - cryptid, HuskyCS, tr0uto, JPBT, hste - £75

B-List Love Island - Pommey, Stop_it, dexie, vacancy, m1ster - £75

Imported Dingleberries - WishD, Nem, yz0aja, Glitch, Sorex - £75




Gold Rix.Static - Pegsazeus, lewturn, PeterVLRNT, Serjino, ReQz - £900

Gladius - MikeVL, Howellsey, Cahm, mercedespeek, Sammo - £450

Jokers - la1KA, jugeN, Ruleh, Bully, Waer - £225

Temperate - Shyfty, dctzrrrrrr, Stokesy, Stempy, Dutchie - £125

COGNIZANT - Waaalty, CH1NCH, Patitee, pr0phet_vl, Joseph23 - £75

PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS - fuse, sharky0842, Waz_VL, Leare, kingHaS, chanformer - £75

EKO ESPORTS - RWND, wizzing, ShiraishiUrara, Kamil, Alex17172 - £75

CSGG - Shanooo, BCH_Kray, UmbraVAL, Hyperzxz, JakesTommo, 2percent, benzk1 - £75

Valorant MVP - Serjino

Beacon points will be confirmed soon and can be viewed at the Beacon site.

Starcraft 2

Gold Razerblader - £300

figaro - £100

 Zain - £75

 RosscO - £25

Starcraft 2 MVP - Frugs

Fun Tournaments

Intel Community Champion for EPIC36 - Davemarr

Intel Prize Bundle Winner - AvidPenguin (Intel NUC 11 Extreme PC)

Rocket League 2v2 - Sponsored by be quiet!

Gold Team Blind Bros (DaveMarr & Whitey)

Tean Bolten (Bollard & Molten)

Team uwotm9 - (andywhy & Samuraipxi)

Golf With Your Friends - Sponsored By MSI

Gold Brookie



Team 17 also supplied Bouncy Castle DLC to all 10 finalists, and the Racing Cosmetic and Summer Party Cosmetic DLC packs for the winner!

Nintendo Switch Sports - Sponsored By Logitech G

Gold AvidPenguin


DaveMarr, Cleft 

Pistol Whip VR sponsored by Logitech G

Gold DeeEmmSee



Pub Quiz

Gold The Aircore Repair Crew - 70 points

Nice **** (respectfully) - 68 points

Both teams in the pub quiz donated their winnings to Special Effect - thank you!