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Start Time: 12noon Friday
End Time: When Completed
Hunt Admin: Murray-Mint (Lead), Winbar

The epic.HUNT is a treasure hunt game taking place on the event intranet. You will receive a series of cryptic clues each leading to the next clue and eventually the final answer to the question. When you get the answer correct by submitting the clue on the intranet, you are given access to the next question until you get to the end of the treasure hunt.

Solving the clues will involve completing a series of tasks which take you around the intranet, internet and the venue itself. You will often have to break codes, look for physical clues in the venue, process images/sound/video and use quite a bit of lateral thinking.

You can stop or pause the hunt at any time, but don't forget that your competitors may be continuing while you rest.

First one to the end, wins a prize!


  • No sabotaging clues for other players, including removing any physical clues.
  • No attempting to hack the system in any way.
  • No brute force attacking to find the answer.
  • Admins do not accept any sort of bribes.
  • Admins will periodically ask participants how they found the correct answer and will have access to view all submitted answers.
  • Any cheating will disqualify the participant from the competition.
  • Participants must be at epic.FOUR to take part.


Sometimes the obvious answer will be correct, and sometimes it will require a lot more thought.
There may be red herrings in the clues, because we can.
You may wish to try looking at popular code breaking techniques, anagrams etc.
The answer could be a mathematical solution.
The clue may require the use of other languages, numbering systems etc.
The clues may be hidden on the page where they cannot be seen normally.
You may find image, sound and video processing tools to be useful as well as normal office type programs.
If lots of people are stuck on the same question, we will release additional hints to push people in the right direction.
Some clues will require you to visit certain places in the venue, the clues are not restricted to the main building, but may involve other areas of the university campus.
We will never ask you to enter any prohibited areas.