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The epic.QUIZ is a pub quiz that will be taking place during the Saturday evening of epic.FOUR from around 8pm around the bar area. Teams of up to 5 participants can compete in the quiz which will feature a range of different themed rounds including general knowledge, gaming, music, tv, movies and more!

Each participant pays £1 to enter with the winning team and runner up taking the cash at the end (nice bit of beer money for people).


  • No laptops/PDAs or generally cheating by looking online for the answers
  • No copying other teams' answers
  • No sabotaging other team play
  • Maximum team size - 5 participants
  • No maximum team limit
  • Questions will be read out once, then repeated at the end of the round in a summary
  • Answers to be submitted to the admins after each round
  • Prize money breakdown will be 1st Place - 75%, 2nd Place - 25%