• Location: Kettering Leisure Village (Arena Layout)
  • Start Time: 16:00 Thursday 24 October
  • End Time: 16:00 Sunday 27 October
  • BYOC* Participant Tickets:  £TBC
  • Spectator Tickets: £TBC
  • PC Hire
  • Want to get involved as a member of the event team? Find out more


  • Esports Tournaments (Ages 16 and over)
  • Stage Content
  • Fun Tournaments
  • Pub Quiz
  • Community Games
  • Board Games Area
  • Staff vs Community
  • Community Championship
  • On Site Catering

Please note new rules for Under 18s will apply for EPIC43 and subsequent events. 

*BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer. The traditional LAN party style where you bring along your own computer, plug in to our network and play with the rest of the participants for the event either for fun or competition.