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The epic.SIX timetable for organised activities is shown below, but you can play whatever game you want, whenever you want to at the event! If a game isn't listed then feel free to shout out and get people playing, we have most popular multiplayer dedicated servers available, so just ask if you would like us to host something.

See our Catering Details for opening times of the catering van.





  • 11:00 - Big Game - Warsow
  • 11:00 - Fun Tournament Final - Blur
  • 12:00 - Fun Tournament Final - Goldeneye 64
  • 12:30 - Tournament Final - Counter-Strike: Source
  • 13:00 - Big Game - Team Fortress 2
  • 14:30 - Prize Giving Ceremony
  • 16:00 - Event Closes