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Intel Community Championship

Current Champion - DaveMarr

As an extra bonus, the EPIC33 winner also won

  • Intel Core i9-10900k - From Intel
  • Aorus Z590 Pro AX - From Intel
  • Intel 1Tb 670p M.2 - From Intel
  • Phanteks Glacier One 240MPH AIO - from Overclockers

We've retired the old belt, and it's in with the brand new INTEL COMMUNITY CHAMPIONSHIP from epic32, but who will walk away as the ultimate LAN champion? 

The Intel Community Championship takes place each event and aims to find the best gamer across a range of games, so you can't win just by being a one-hit-wonder. 

The winner (normally) gets presented with the championship belt at the end of each event and gets to parade around as champion until they're knocked off their spot at the next event, or they can defend their honour and remain as the reigning, defending, undisputed epic.LAN champion forever.

For the time being though, we're keeping the actual belt locked safetly away with Winbar until we're back to physical events! 

So how do you enter? 

Simply, attend our next event and take part in a range of big games, fun tournaments and community activities. Look for the ones marked with ** in our Intel Community Timetable for extra points. There's points for taking part, but even more points for being the best.