• Dates: Thursday 18 - Sunday 21 August, 2022
  • Location: Delta by Marriott, Warwick
  • Start Time: 16:00 Thursday 18 August
  • End Time: 16:00 Sunday 21 August
  • BYOC* Participant Tickets:  £66
  • Spectator Tickets: £20 (whole event), £10 (day ticket)

So what is it?

We accidentally stumbled on this idea last year at our pilot hybrid event in July and decided that for those of us who are perhaps getting a little bit older these days and can't deal with sleeping on an airbed any more for LAN, we needed something a bit more...comfortable for the weekend, and the ability to walk back to a real bed, in the same building was just too tempting. Plus, being a little smaller, it means the staff will get chance to take part in some games too. 

Note that our LUX events will be casual gaming events only, around 100-150 people and there will not be any esports tournaments or even organised fun tournaments and set timetables, it's just 4 days of playing community games together, like an old-school LAN party used to be, just with a comfier bed at the end of the night! 

Of course for both events we've arranged for very very good rates at the hotel, these are available to book via our accomodation partner:

  • Single Occupancy - £50 per night (including breakfast)
  • Double/Twin Occupancy - £55 per night (including breakfast)

*BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer. The traditional LAN party style where you bring along your own computer, plug in to our network and play with the rest of the participants for the event either for fun or competition.