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Tabletop Games Library

We know you'll be bringing your own games to play with people (and if you're staying on site, you can store them securely in your hotel room!) but EPIC.LAN has been building up a library of games, plus our Event Team are also bringing copies of their favourites for you to play.

You can check them out at the staff desk to play - and we'll be adding more to this list over the coming weeks, but for now, you can get ready to play many things!

(PS: Don't forget, we're putting together a timetable for games we're running and Focus Table games - plus if YOU want to run something, then book a table now!)

5 Second Rule Battlestar Galactica Codenames
Colt Express Coup Descent Journey to the Dark
Dig Mars Dominin Dungeon Mayhem
Lords of Waterdeep (D&D Board Game) Formula D Gloom (2nd Ed.)
Guju Guju Havana Jackpot
Jaipur Keyforge Decks Logo The Board Game
LOOT Love Letter Monopoly World of Warcraft
Monopoly Gamer Monopoly Electronic Banking Munchkin (plus sets 2-8)
Mysterium One Night Ultimate Werewolf: Daybreak Pandemic
Red Dragon Inn 1 & 2 Red Dragon Pooky Resistance (Hidden Agenda)
Resistance (Hostile Intent) Rick & Morty Anatomy Park Rick & Morty Total Rickall
Risk Legacy Road Kill Rally Secret Hitler
Spyfall Sushi Go Party Takenoko
Talisman Telestrations The Binding of Isaac Four Souls
The Hen Commandments The Resistance Thunderbirds Tracy Island
Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride: Europe Tsuro
Uno Werewolf (New Moon, Characters, Village) What do you MEME?
Zombie Flux Zombicide  

Don't see a game you want to play?

Give us a shout at our EPIC.LAN Tabletop Discord and we'll see if we can get it - or bring it along!