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Tabletop Games Library

We know you'll be bringing your own games to play with people (and if you're staying on site, you can store them securely in your hotel room!) but EPIC.LAN has been building up a library of games, plus our Event Team are also bringing copies of their favourites for you to play.

3 Wise Words Fluxx: Star Trek Next Generation Pandemic & On The Brink Expansion
Ark Nova Fluxx: Zombie Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game
Blockbuster and Chill Get Crunk Snakesss
Bucket of Doom Gloom (2nd Edition) Spaceteam
Cactus Town Hostile Intent Terraforming Mars - Ares Expedition
Carcassonne Jackpot The Hen Commandments
Cards Against Humanity Joking Hazard The Logo Board Game
Challenge of the Superfriends Jungle Speed The Resistance
Codenames XXL Love Letter (Kanai Factory Limited Edition) Ticket to Ride: Europe
Daybreak Machi Koro Trivial Persuit (The Big Bang Theory)
Dig Mars Monopoly: Animal Crossing Twister Ultimate
Dobble Monopoly: Electronic Banking Uno
Dobble: Star Wars Mandalorian Monopoly: Gamer Uno Flip!
Dodekka Monopoly: Sailor Moon Uni: Giant Edition
Exploding Kittens Monopoly: World of Warcraft What do you MEME?
Fluxx: Cthulu Muffin Time World Cup
Fluxx: Doctor Who Mysterium Wyrmspan
Fluxx: Marvel Niche Sky Team