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Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th October 2015
Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB


Tournament Results

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Gold GB Team Infused (redsnake, aaronlol, CRUC1AL, b3n, robiin) - £950 + tickets to epic.SEVENTEEN

 GB Reason Gaming (kARMApangya, Surrel, CINDER, Jonny, fisherA) - £450 + discounted tickets to epic.SEVENTEEN

 GB Choke Gaming (Immi, CarL, Crazysmurf, EsioooOOOO, MiGHTYMAX) - £100 + discounted tickets to epic.SEVENTEEN

Starcraft 2 

Gold GB Ourk - £200 + ticket to epic.SEVENTEEN
 GB Boombox - £50 + discounted ticket to epic.SEVENTEEN

Dota 2 - Sponsored by GT Omega

Gold GB  A Hideo Kojima Team (soup, soodle, Kundral, Hanako, Meep) - £750 + tickets to epic.SEVENTEEN
GB  Chuke Gayming (Dreadknight, Dacster, Mute242, Gronors, elementplz) - £250 + discounted ticket to epic.SEVENTEEN



Gold GB Deltajam - £75  + ticket to epic.SEVENTEEN
 GB Infernokoi - £25 + discounted ticket to epic.SEVENTEEN

Fun Tournaments - 

Rocket League

Gold TeamSALT -  tickets to epic.SEVENTEEN


be quiet!Team Fortress 2

Gold Skiddybear



Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

Gold bw197

Gold Phantom242

UT 2004

Gold eM

Gold GotenXiao

Pub Quiz

Gold - Blazing Fucktards (61 Points)

 - Rebel Scum (54 Points)