Thursday 18-Sunday 21 February 2016
Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB


Tournament Results

Counter-Strike Global Offensive - Sponsored by Element Gaming

Gold GB Barrage eSports (Whindanski, CRUC1AL, rastamole, s0m, Surreal) - £1725 + tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN

 GB Infused.Mix (redsnake, Weber, keita, Kryptix, MiGHTYMAX) - £875 + discounted tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN

 GB uFrag (adam5, Crazysmurf, ashhh, HypeIzBack, Yoshi) - £300 + discounted tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN

4th GB CeX (kARMApangya, resu, CINDER, Revilo, Charley1, fisherA) - £100

  • Demo Files - Available from here (note you will need to roll back your client to the beta version used during this tournament to play demo files)

Starcraft 2

Gold GB Cladorhiza - £350 + ticket to epic.EIGHTEEN
 GB Mix - £100 + discounted ticket to epic.EIGHTEEN
 GB Ourk - £50 + discounted ticket to epic.EIGHTEEN

Dota 2

Gold GB  Crashing this LAN with No Survivors (soup, soodle, Kundral, Mute242, Meep) - £525 + tickets to epic.EIGHTEEN
GB  Team Senses (DOOPZ, NepaliiJesus, Dacster, Coventryboy, bW197) - £225 + discounted ticket to epic.EIGHTEEN


Gold GB Barguul - £125  + ticket to epic.EIGHTEEN
 GB Deltajam - £75 + discounted ticket to epic.EIGHTEEN

Fun Tournaments

Rocket League

Gold Fish (CRUC1AL, s0m, keita)

Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

Gold Stufer

be quiet!CS:GO Arms Race

Gold Commander


Gold Matt_2k34

Pub Quiz

Gold - we saw squirrel playing with winbars nuts (59 Points)

 - That Lot (58 Points)

Minecraft Creative

Gold left one