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Thursday 16 - Sunday 19 October 2016
Kettering Conference Centre, Thurston Drive, Kettering, Northants, NN15 6PB


Tournament Results

Counter-Strike Global Offensive 

Gold GB  Bulldog eSports (skuxz, Nukeddog, bmagic, kplus) - £950 + tickets to epic20

 GB  Radix eSports (afro, celld, MiSFiT, Luzuh, smooya, BrodyC)- £450 + discounted tickets to epic20

 GB   dog gaming (debaser, luster, tomquiver, ashhh, Yoshi) £100 + discounted tickets to epic20


Starcraft 2

Gold GB   RiSky -  £500 +  tickets to epic20
 GB   Multi - £175 + discounted ticket to epic20
 GB   Revoluti8n - £75 + discounted ticket to epic20

Dota 2

Gold GB   RizeGaming (Ouker, got_lyrics, ntngspcl, crusHdota, spokey) - £750 + tickets to epic20
GB   Ufrag (MagicTurtle, Dacster, Water, Rothwell, adamPTS) - £250 + discounted ticket to epic20


Gold GB  Phantom242 - £100  + ticket to epic20
 GB  FuzzyContreg - £50 + discounted ticket to epic20

Fun Tournaments

Rocket League

Gold  3 Hot Loids (Killersheep, Keironwalford, Deltajam

 Chungus and the Chungos (Chungus, eMsk, harisma)

Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

Gold DaveCena


Worms WMD

Gold Matty2050



Gold The Unit (harisma, DutyHero, eM, Chungus, DaveCena, Neon_Rabbit)

Pub Quiz

Gold - Fcuk MRated

 - Pina Colada