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News :: A series of unfortunate points

A series of unfortunate points

Most of you will know that we operate a loyalty points scheme here at epic.LAN. We award points for referring friends and other activities at the event, and at the end of each event, we award points for attending. This process is normally started on the Sunday of the event ready for people to use their points which have been converted into discount codes at the next event. 

At epic21, we ran the process as normal and thought all was well. It wasn't until last week where we noticed that a significant number of epic21 attendees have been issued duplicate points for attending. So rather than getting the usual 250 points (equivalant to £2.50) they actually got 500. 

We had in total 443 participant tickets sold at the last event, which equates to quite a large monetary amount of points. As much as we would love to leave everything as is, and let you guys have all the points anyway, we simply cannot afford to absorb the cost of this unfortunate issue as any money we have remaining from an event goes towards making further improvements on things like hardware across the LAN and maintenance of existing items.

With this in mind, we wanted to inform everyone affected that you will notice a correction to your accounts where the discount code value will be adjusted to reflect the correct value.

We know a lot of people won't have realised this has happened, but we want to make sure we are honest and open with everyone as we always are and to make sure people understand what they will see on their account.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Jon "Winbar" Winkle or Dan "Dunceantix" Oxborrow.