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CS:GO Grand Final Recap

Though the two teams present in the Global Offensive grand final were in fact the top two seeds of the tournament, this didn't always look as if it was going to be the case. The second seed, mix team fish123, made their way through the upper bracket dropping only a single map, to the third seed TeamCRG, the team that put Infused in the lower bracket final. Infused had a tough run to make it all the way, finishing second in their group meant that they faced fourth seed TLR in the first round of elimination, a match that took all three maps to determine a winner. After dropping to CRG, they defeated the Lynx once again, this time 2-0, and found themselves yet again against TeamCRG. This time they had their revenge and took the win 2-1 seeing the progress to face fish123.

Mirage was the first map to play host to the two teams, and coming from the upper bracket, fish123 automatically had a 1-0 map lead. This meant that to stay in the game, Infused required to take the first map to have a chance at taking the title. The first half saw Infused on the T side and resulted in quite a close scoreline, with fish123 edging in to the lead heading in to the second half. It looked as if they were going to close the series out 2-0 as they took their 14th round of the game, with Infused only having eight of their own.

This meant only one thing: if Infused wanted the win, they were going to have to step up their game and take a number of successive rounds. That's exactly what they did, in particular Mike “Powell” Powell, who held his own on the A site making numerous key picks to keep his team in the running.  Eight rounds soon turned into fourteen to match that of fish123. Inevitably, both teams took a round a piece, seeing the game head in to overtime. Infused took the first half 2 rounds to 1, and the second half resulted in the same score, sending the game into a second, final map.

The second map played was de_nuke, chosen by the fish123 side, who lost the knife and began their campaign on the terrorist side. Not that this was an issue for them, as they took the key pistol round as well as the four rounds that followed giving them a 5-0 lead. At this point, Infused started to pull it back and took themselves four rounds, with a lot of help from James “PEZ” Perrot. The following round saw George “ZED” Bear almost take a 1v4, but he was shut down allowing Infused to equalise the scoreline at 5-5.

Round number eleven went down to a 3v1 against Infused's ZEOX who was unable to make anything of it, tipping the scoreline back in to the favour of fish123 and pushing Infused onto an eco. Though they took three of the fish123 players, the round still did not go to Infused, seeing them behind by two rounds. Fish123's advantage was short lived though as Infused managed to tie up the game once again at 7-7. The final round of the half was awarded to Infused after they shut down their opposition on the lower site.

As with the previous half the pistol round went the way of the terrorists giving Infused an overall two round lead going in to the rest of the second half. Before fish123 claimed their first round of the half, the lead had extended further, and the scoreline sat at 11-8. The score soon became 12-12 and it looked as if another overtime could be on the horizon, however Infused began to pull ahead and took the scoreline to 14-12. Just two rounds short of the gold, Infused dropped another to the pistols of fish123 making it an even closer 14-13. Another two rounds went the way of fish123, taking them to the crucial do or die 15-14 scoreline. In this situation, it was “do”, and they took the 16th round and therefore the victory.