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CS:GO Round 1 Recap

The first round of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive elimination bracket began late last night, with the final game coming to a close just a few minutes ago. As expected the four seeded teams progressed in to the elimination phase though most of them were greeted with a non-seeded team to play in the first round. This was not the case for the Infused or London Lynx team, who found themselves head to head due to the triumphs of TLR during the group stage.

Fish123 versus Ninja Nerds was set to begin at around half past eight last night, though due to one team deciding against playing the game, fish123 took a default 2-0 win granting them with a free step into the second round of the tournament. The Ninja Nerds team then dropped into the lower bracket where they were quickly dispatched of by 2seXeh. The 2seXeh side had a tough game in the upper bracket, against the unseeded yet successful team in the form of TLR. The first map went TLR's way easily however the second was a lot more contested, resulting in a 16-11 scoreline. 

Next up to play was TeamCRG against MODx. Going in to the game many would agree that the CRG side were the favourites, especially as they were allocated the second seed for the tournament. From the resulting scoreline though, it is evident that MODx were keen to prove that they were no walk-over, as they took in excess of 10 rounds against the CRG players in both of their two games. Despite this, the series still ended at 2-0.

The big story from the first round of elimination comes from the game between first and fourth seed. Infused.Tt entered knowing that they likely had the toughest game of the round, London Lynx also knew that in order to emerge the victors, they could not afford a single slip up. Map number one went the way of Infused after a number of back and forth exchanges, seeing the game end 16-12. In the second map the Lynx were quick to bounce back and tied up the series 1-1 by taking a 16-9 victory. The final map, de_train, finished quickly after the Lynx made mistake after mistake seeing them drop 16-3, resulting in a 2-1 victory for Infused.Tt.