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News :: epic.15 League of Legends Roundup - Day 1

epic.15 League of Legends Roundup - Day 1

A breakdown of all of the group stage games on the first day of our League of Legends Tournament, featuring FM eSports, Infused, WaWa Diamond Yet, Gaming in Motion White and Mystic Teddy Brigade.





Gaming in Motion vs FM eSports

Going into our opening game, GiM drafted a composition of Ezreal Ekko and Caitlyn which was based around siege and poke, whereas FM went with a scaling late game team fight squad built around Ryze. GiM managed to take an early lead with first blood and an early Dragon pickup, but FM managed to bring it back going into the midgame with some smart rotational play.
As FM had a clearly better late game comp, GiM tunneled on taking Dragons in order to work towards the 5th buff which would keep them relevant in the late game. FM knew this and chose to let the first two go over to GiM uncontested but played that map to trade turrets for the Map Pressure.
GiM appeared to lose sight of their win conditions in the mid game and the game devolved into constant skirmishes without allowing their carries to apply poke before the fight, meaning each skirmish played right into FM's hand. Paniking, Gaming in Motion went for a very early Baron, but it backfired as FM managed to turn it around into an Ace before obtaining the buff and ending the game in a brief 25 minutes.


Mystic Teddy Brigade vs WaWa Diamond Yet

WaWa Diamond Yet began the game with a strong laning phase, due to their stronger early to mid game composition and rapidly snowballed the game to a fast victory. The Ezreal of MTB's Spicy Apple tried his hardest to stall the game out with the waveclear available once he built a Runeglaive but unfortunately WW had already run away the game and closed out the game within 25 minutes.


FM eSports vs WaWa Diamond Yet

FM show off their early game prowess by managing a gold lead of over 800 early – from CS only! WaWa Diamond yet equalize the gold lead with first blood but it isn't long before FM manage to take control of the game again and go off the reigns stretching their advantage to 10K only 17 minutes in. From this point on FM leave no room for WW to even attempt to get back into the game and quickly close out the game.


Infused vs Gaming in Motion

Unfortunately Infused forfeit this game.


Mystic Teddy Brigade vs Gaming in Motion

GiM completely dominate this game, after Peanut's Kalista gets a 3 minute double kill GiM focus on the bot lane to the point where Peanut has three double kills before the game hits the ten minute mark. GiM take a very convincing victory in another short game.


FM eSports

Unfortunately Infused forfeit this game.


Gaming in Motion vs WaWa Diamond Yet

The early game is action packed but neither team can convert their map movements into kills or objectives. The game takes a rapid change of pace however with a 4 vs 5 in the bottom lane, after both Top Laners us TP and WW's Twisted Fate uses Destiny to converge on the lane. Even fter both teams commit so much the fight only ends in a 1 for 1 trade, which works as an advantage as GiM's Viktor Midlane is able to take the outer turret before free while his team rotates to the dragon. From here on GiM slowly pile on small advantages which eventually translates to a solid lead. In a last bid attempt to get back into the game WW manage to take down the baron at 28 minutes, but GiM waste no time in cleaning up the half HP WW squad before ending the game.


Infused vs Mystic Teddy Brigade

Infused start their arrival at epic.LAN with a bang! Not much to say unfortunately, Infused picked up 46 kills while only conceding 8 in the incredibly single sided match.



WaWa Diamond Yet vs Infused

WW get a good start for their bottom lane as The Dankest Donger's Draven gets first blood early in the game. Infused focus on the rest of the map and Nocturnal Flex's Nidalee lands some fantastic spears to swing the game into their hands. Firmly in control of the game Infused confidently choke WW completely out of the game and grab their second win of the group stage.


FM eSports vs Mystic Teddy Brigade


Another one sided game, but at least there was plenty of action with a crazy 50 – 27 scoreline in favour of FM. Again not much to talk about other than the fact that there were 3 kills every minute!