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News :: epic.TEN CS:GO Groups Recap

epic.TEN CS:GO Groups Recap

Here at epic.TEN the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive group stages have finally come to a close, and the tournament will be moving in to the elimination phase later on tonight. For those that missed it or just want to find out what went on, here is a brief recap of how each of the groups panned out.

Group A Recap

Group A began with the top seed of Infused.Tt against the unseeded line-up of 2seXeh, a game that should have been plain sailing for the Infused team. As it happens, 2seXeh managed to put up a respectable fight and took nine rounds away from the first seed before eventually losing out. MOD eXtreme tried to do the same against the fish123 line-up however they were much less successful only taking two rounds for the troubles. When faced with Infused, the MOD team had rotten luck once again and didn't manage to secure a single round, something that also happened to “End of Play” when they came up against the third seed fish123. Between End of Play and MOD eXtreme, it was MOD who eventually came out on top in a close 16-13 game. Team 2seXeh went on to get the better of both of the two teams as well as taking ten rounds from fish123, who eventually qualified alongside Infused, 2seXeh and MODx.


Group B Recap

Group B was always going to be difficult to predict due to the nature of the teams involved. Despite the fact that all four teams from the group would eventually move into the elimination phase, the fight was still on to secure the easiest route possible. The  day started with the fourth seed, London Lynx, taking a win over Ninja Nerds with a respectable 16-7 scoreline. Following that game, the crucial match between TLR and London Lynx kicked off with rounds being awarded back and forth to both sides for the duration, ending with a 15-15 result. This meant that it was left unclear which of the two teams would finish higher in the group. Later in the day the Ninja Nerds suffered another defeat, this time at the hands of TeamCRG. TeamCRG later went on to defeat the London Lynx and TLR, earning the top spot in the group. Both TLR and London Lynx eventually won their final games however due to round difference it was TLR who finished out ahead in second place.