News :: EPIC33 - COVID Guidelines at 17 May

EPIC33 - COVID Guidelines at 17 May

Even though restrictions are carefully lifting there are still likely to be various rules and guidelines in place for EPIC33. These will form part of the event Terms and Conditions and we have to impose anything required by the UK Government at the time of the event to make sure it is allowed to go ahead safely. 

Naturally we would ask for everyone's cooperation and understanding as we all work hard as an industry to get events back. 

Of course we hope that by the time we get to EPIC33 we have moved on to the next stage of restrictions lifting but have to plan for each scenario. 

Guidance as at 17 May

  • Events may take place for up to 1,000 people up 50% venue capacity. We plan to open around 80 tickets which is well under the room's rated capacity for space and ventilation, but 50% of our own lower capacity to allow for socially distanced seating arrangements. 
  • In this configuration participants will be sat 1 per table (normally 2) and you should set up in the middle of your table to have equal spacing with the participants either side. By the time the table widths and cable gaps are taken into account, plus your screen is in place you will also be distanced from the person opposite you. If we are in this configuration, you may also bring a second monitor. 
  • When in the gaming areas you will need to remain at your desks and not sit at anybody else's desk. 
  • Masks - When you are sat at your desk you will not be required to wear a mask/face covering. When you leave your desk to circulate around the venue e.g. toilets, bar, through the lobby to your room, you must wear a suitable mask/face covering to protect others unless you have a valid exemption. 
  • Bar/Food - We understand that table service will still be required in bars and restaurants from 17 May, we do not know yet whether this will be to your LAN desk or to bar tables to then take back to your desk. We will liase with the venue and update closer to the time if this restriction is still in place closer to the event. 
  • Rule of 6/Social Groups - Technically groups of 6 or more or two households cannot "attend the event together" which does become a little difficult to define as people all know each other online in some capacity. Therefore when mixing away from desks, e.g. at the bar/restaurant, the rule of 6 must be adhered to at all times. This may be extended to larger groups if outdoors (e.g. if the bar outdoor seating is available). 
  • Social Distancing - We would still recommend a level of social distancing until any government guidelines are formally changed and even then would ask everyone to show good common sense while the virus is still in circulation. Please respect that other people may not want any sort of close contact at this time, even if you've been missing hugs and handshakes!
  • Continue to demonstrate good hygiene levels - There will still be plenty of hand sanitiser around and we would ask people to thoroughly wash or sanitise their hands every time they come back in to the gaming rooms and around the building. 
  • COVID Passports - There are still no formal guidelines on these measures, we may have to implement them if they do become a requirement by July but we just do not know at this time. As a minimum we are likely to implement temperature checks on check-in. With lateral flow tests now being even easier to obtain, and free of charge in most cases, we would recommend people take up a test before and after attending regardless of whether they become a legal requirement, again to protect yourselves and others, it literally only takes a few minutes. 
  • If you are unwell - Don't come to the event, talk to us about transferring your ticket to another event or refunding, but please do not risk everyone else at the event. 
  • Ventillation - We may have to keep doors/windows open or air circulation/handling turned up high to meet government guidelines, this could result in the rooms being colder than normal, please make sure you have things like jumpers/hoodies to keep warm if needed. 
  • Arrival Times - In order to manage gatherings at check-in, we may stagger your arrival times, please check any pre-event information. We will ask everyone to show their tickets on their phones and not bring printed tickets for check-in. 
  • Spectators - Spectator/visitor tickets will not be available if we remain in this phase.
  • Non-UK Guests - Should observe the latest international travel guidelines from their country of origin
  • One Way Systems - May be in place to get to and from your desks to avoid clashing mid-row. It's not a huge room so please dont be mad about having to take a few more steps to protect each other.