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News :: It's Coming Home (No-not that)

It's Coming Home (No-not that)

Is there ever a right time to return to events? 

Who really knows, but we have to start planning positively because of the lead in time to prepare an event like EPIC.LAN, so with that in mind we're excited to launch ticket sales for EPIC34 this October, back in our Kettering Conference Centre home. 

At the moment, we expect to be able to hold events again on a normal EPIC.LAN scale, technically we could now but the capacity and social distancing measures we would need to put in place (as tested this weekend in Coventry) would mean that the event is not financially viable by a long shot. 

Over the coming months we will work with the venue to make sure we put on a safe event within whatever guidelines are in place by the Government at that time, and even if the restrictions are lifted, we will still be encouraging good hygiene and care throughout, not that it should take a pandemic for that!

We have put 50% of the tickets on sale right now and will proceed with the rest once the Government announces its plans for step 4 over the coming weeks. 

In general we expect to put on most of the usual facilities and activities you would expect, but have to flag at this point that we are not advertising any indoor sleeping options until we are at a point when both us and the venue feel that can be offered safely and within whatever guidelines exist at that time.

So for now it's outdoor camping or local hotels (the Holiday Inn Express has already agreed a £55/night discount as before). I would rather start from the position of not offering that facility and add it in later than cancel it at last minute. 

With all that in mind, it's finally time to say C U @ LAN!