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News :: EPIC34 Seating Plan

EPIC34 Seating Plan

We've been waiting for some final capacity and layout confirmations and now we are in a position to open the EPIC34 seating plan. 

We are opening this much closer to the event than we would normally so please read on to find out exactly how things will work. 

The seating plan will open as follows:

  • 22/09/21 - 18:00 - Lakeside (the louder party room, full of music and memes)
  • 23/09/21 - 10:00 - Main Arena (mixture of esports tournaments, main stage, Overclockers and casual gaming)

As there has been plenty of time for people to book at this point, we kindly ask that people do not hold gaps in the seating plan otherwise it will fill up very quickly and we will have to start moving people back together very quickly, we are unable to reserve seats for people who do not have a ticket. 

If you are having any issues with seating, or want to coordinate with others, we recommend joining the EPIC34 channels in Discord to find other people attending the event. 

Remember that whichever area you are in, it is one event that is all connected together!

Defragging the Seating Plan

Note that we still reserve the right to "defrag" (adjust) the season plan in the final weeks of the event in order to make sure groups can sit together where possible. We know that there are always mixed views on this (see our full explanation in the past), but flexibility for people booking right now is more important than ever. That does mean the seat that you select may not be your final seat for the event, it is a guide for the overall area you would like to be in and the people you'd like to sit next to. 

We will post a full guide to this process closer to the time. 

To help this process, it's really important to make sure all of your group members have set the same clan tag, and signed up to any esports tournaments you plan to participate in (if any). This helps us to keep you with the right people when we do adjust the plan.