News :: EPIC38 - New Stage Content

EPIC38 - New Stage Content

The EPIC38 stage schedule has been revealed with an increase in community involvement based on our recent open forum and end of year survey. 

While favourites like the regular Pub Quiz remain, as well as showcasing our esports grand finals towards the end of the event, EPIC38 sees more opportunities for members of the community to get up on stage, and then from EPIC39 onwards we'll also be opening up applications for completely community generated content for those who like being in front of the camera. 

Here are some of the places we're looking for people to get involved. If you're interested in being a part of any of these segments, shout up in the EPIC38 channels on Discord and one of our hosts will be in touch. Naturally you need an EPIC38 ticket to take part. 

The Epic Gauntlet

A popular show during the EPIC.WAN Lockdown events, you have 45mins to accumulate as many points across the gaming or physical world as possible. Will you go for lots of small challenges, or risk the big points in one massive task? 

We're looking for 2 people to take on the challenge. 

Crowd Control

Let's raise some money for charity, but with Twitch chat trying to make your life a misery. We'll be selecting a platform/speed game while Twitch chat use their bits to interfere, with all money raised going to Special Effect's GameBlast 23

As many people as we can fit in to the segment, but we're not telling you the game in advance, no tryharding here. Just be in the audience ready to hop on stage and raise some money! 

Hardware Challenge

Our hardware challenge this event will involve multiple people, racing against the clock on our brand new not-at-all-inspired-by-Top-Gear leaderboard. 

Be in the audience, ready to jump up on stage to set your best time. 

Community Build Challenge

Again a lockdown favourite, we'll be setting a challenge in the next week that you can complete in your favourite building game, whether that's The Sims, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Planet Coaster, your choice. You'll need to record a 2minute walkthrough plus screenshots, and then our kind and loving panel will constructively judge their favourite and say lovely things about your build...


How well do you know your food? Join our hosts on stage as we talk gaming while trying to pinpoint the origin of foods from around the world as your pub quiz warmup. Just make sure you've planned a clear route to the bathrooms first...

We're looking for 2 people to take on the challenge. 

Staff vs Community Returns

Fine, we admit we cancelled it because we kept losing ok? But you want it back, so we'll suffer the humiliation once more, but this time, with all the added pressure of taking part on our finals stage before our real esports finals begin. 

Time for the community to assemble their 5 best (but not too good) Overwatch 2 players ready to take on the best that the staff team has to offer.