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League of Legends Preview

League of LegendsTonight at 9pm marks the begining the epic.LAN League of Legends tournament with thirteen teams from around the UK, who come to battle it out for a chance at a £1250 prize pool, and Astro Gaming headsets for first and second place. The teams featured are:

  • #FDB
  • FM Raiderz
  • KappaKappaKappa
  • Lan Mix
  • Molotovs & Marshmallows
  • myXMG
  • Perilous Void
  • Promethium Gaming Team A
  • Promethium Gaming Team B
  • Riven is a Dancer
  • Team Car Accident
  • Team Infused
  • The Last Resort eSports


They will be competing in a swiss style round robin in the group stage, before the top eight teams head into a Single Elimination bracket, before heading into the Best of 5 final.
Taking a brief look at the teams we have a handful of teams who have competed at some iSeries tournaments, along with the Intel Xmas cup. We also have some newly formed teams, some teams who may be of the lower end of the skill bracket, and even one team (Lan Mix) who have formed right here at the event.
You can catch our coverage of the tournament over on our twitch channel, along with updates throughout the tournament right here on our epic coverage site.