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News :: LOL: Promethium Gaming B Vs FDB

LOL: Promethium Gaming B Vs FDB

League of LegendsLots of action in the early game due an interesting pick with the jungle alistar. PGBs Kha’Zix attempts to invade Alistar at his red but the communication of FDB allows his mid laner to assist and take down khaz.
Some miscommunication in the bot lane from FBD means that what starts as a good gank from Alistair results in not even taking away any summoners. Kha’zix once again attempts an invade onto Alistar but this time FDB cannot respond in time, and with an Evolved Taste the Fear’s isolation damage cuts through the pre 6 Alistar.
Another engage in the bot lane from FDB, this time implemented much better, allowing them to pick up a double kill, demonstrating the power of the CC heavy Alistar Jungle. Meanwhile in hte toplane Khazix finds Renekton at the Golems and picks up his 5th kill of the game.
As we enter the midgame, FBD appear to be winning teamfights by locking down the snowballing KhaZix, yet PGB are exhibiting superior map control and just picking up kills all over the rift.  21 minutes in Promethium Gaming Team B are pulling ahead with a 6k gold lead, as while they are only 2 kills up they have a large lead in objectives.

A messy team fight erupts all around the outer turret of FDB, but PGB dive a little too deep and lose 3 members in exchange for only killing vayne. After some back and forth action across the map, FBD initiate a desperate scrappy fight, but the multiple threat team of PGB is just too much damage to handle resulting in an Ace, leading into a fallen inhibitor.
A fight in the midlane starts badly for FDB, with PGB separating Vayne from the rest of her team, instantly deleting her. FDB attempt to retreat but a pursuing Riven picks up a Quadra Kill, allowing them to take a nexus turret and a baron.
Under the cover of a 4 vs 5 in the bottom lane, Kha’Zix attempts a sneaky back door, but FDB respond in time to stop him after he takes the remaining nexus turret.
Unfortunately Promethium Gaming Team B are just too far ahead for FDB to handle, and with a final big team fight from PGB they take out the exposes nexus for a hard fought win.

MVP - This has to go to Trashy Snorlax with an insanely good early game on Kha’zix, solo invading over and over to set back FBD right from the start of the game.

Promethium Gaming B Team

  • Pte - Warwick
  • Trashy Snorlax - Kha Zix
  • Marky - Riven
  • hi im Kray - Caitlyn
  • Owen - Sona


  • Killersheep88 - Renekton
  • Defac3d - Alistar
  • Skiddy Bear - Brand
  • R0ssatr0n - Vayne
  • Lord Kizrondy - Leona