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News :: LOL: team car accident Vs M&M

LOL: team car accident Vs M&M

League of Legendsteam car accident vs M&M

Heading into a standard lane setup, right from the outset the tempo of the game is controlled by the jungler of both teams, with MVP Winter taking an edge in his ganks due to volatile Pantheon ganks with the targeted Aegis of Zeonia stun and Aegis Protection shield to help tower dive.

team car accident

  • Ereptor - Heimerdinger
  • MVP Winter - Pantheon
  • RatCheeseDoom - Gragas
  • Skylyz - Caitlyn
  • Leemi - Alistar


  • Firdelore - Nasus
  • KappaZeeef - Vi
  • Budy - Oriana
  • NickyG - Varus
  • Rasta Amiiez0r - Thresh

After a close duel in the midlane with RatCheeseDoom edging out a lead over Budy, tca take the first dragon of the game, which in addition to the score of 8 - 2 in their favour equates to a very early 5k gold lead. By the 18 minute mark this is extended to a 10k gold lead with the help more dragons and a very early baron.
Using the global presence from Grand Skyfall and the teleport on Heimer, tca rotate around the map to systematically take the majority of the turret, really pushing their advantage and leaving Molotovs & Marshmallows no room to come back. tcs push into the M&M base at 25 minutes, and while M&M try and repel the assault with everything they have left, tca are just too far ahead and take away a convincing first win of the day!

MVP : MVP Winter on Pantheon, with potent ganks snowballing the game from the beginning, allowing all of his laners to take an early advantage in lane.