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News :: LOL: Team Infused Vs MyXMG

LOL: Team Infused Vs MyXMG

League of LegendsRound 1

The game opens with some smooth moves from yoloswag420’s Leblanc getting first blood on Kha’zix in a tense 1 v 1 in the midlane. Returning to lane Kha’zix works with Nutri to exact revenge on Leblanc who had no summoner spells available. The pace of the game slows down momentarity, but a strong gank from Lanky Dan gives XMG a double kill onto pantheon in exchange for the support. A 2 for 1 in the midlane allows MXMG to take the first dragon of the game just before the 10 minute mark, almost evening out the gold despite the first blood and CS discrepancies. A Pantheon ultimate down in the bottom lane combos with the CC of Leona locks down Omega, allowing MyXMG to take down the first turret of the game. Infused’s bot lane heads towards the dragon, but are spotted by a ward instigating an engage from MyXMG.

Team Infused counter engage perfectly and even though neither team picked up the dragon, Infused come out on to with a 3 for 2. MyXMG race back to the dragon pit to sneak it before Team Infused can get near, which inches the gold lead into their favour. Both teams are neck and neck until XMG take a pick onto Karma before divind the outer turret to take out an additional 2 members of Infused. From the back of this they take both the outer and inhibitor turret along with the inhibitor itself, extending their Gold lead to 6k. My XMG look like they are have some communication issues, as they get caught in the enemy jungle while WaWa solo pushes bot, giving two kills over to infused. With super minions chewing through the Nexus turrets, Infused are force to recall leaving MyXMG free to take a Baron 30 minutes in. Wearing the baron buff MyXMG wander into the base of Team Infused to make sure the mid inhibitor turret stays down, before rotating to the bottom lane to take the Inhibitor there.

In a desperate bid Team Infused try to stop MyXMG’s advances, but get dove under the tower and lose another two members without successfully defending the structures. Now with 10k gold lead MyXMG brute force their way to the third and final inhibitor, taking it down before finishing off the Nexus turrets and taking the first game in this best of three. MVP for this game has to go to yoloswag420 with his incredibly potent Leblanc play, picking up first blood from the outset and making all the right picks throughout the game.

Round 2

Starting on a different note to the previous game, with first blood not happening until a 10
minute 3 v 3 in the botlane, with Team infused coming out ontop to get the first blood without
giving anything up. As if echoing his teammates Sigris takes a kill in a straight up 1 v 1 midlane
duel, and Infused take the opportunity for a fast dragon, although Sir B0lt is caught recalling in
front of the pit.
Again the centre of attention, a 3 vs 4 in the botlane looks to be a 1 for 2 when yoloswag420
rotates to the lane to save the day equalising it to a 2 for 2. Asserting dominance yoloswag420’s
Gragas heads back to the midlane to beat Sigris in a duel, helping to stop the gold lead flowing
into Infused’s pockets. Feeling confident Lanky Dan uses assault and battery on Ziggs under
his own turret, and takes him out with the help of a 3/0 Gragas’ damage. Sir B0lt checks the
dragon pit but finds four members of MyXMG giving up a kill for free before XMG collapse in the
Midlane to take another two kills and the second turret of the game.
A huge teamfight erupts in the toplane, with a 4 for 1 exchange throwing the gold to 6k in
MyXMG’s hands. Using this gold lead MyXMG roam as 5 all over the map to take away more
and more objectives from Infused, before attempting to take a Baron. Infused are unable to
contest, but as MyXMG finish the baron they immediately engage onto Team Infused to take
down 4 members without losing a single member, leading to a push to take out the inhibitor and
both nexus turrets, leaving Infused’s Nexus exposed and with a 13k deficit.With no real way to
come back a half hearted engage fails to prevent the final push, allowing MyXMG to get through
to the Semi Finals of the Upper Bracket.
MVP - this has to go to geobob’s 6/0/5 warwick, being an unconventional pick in itself, but with
some questionable item choices that worked out was a dominating force in both games.