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News :: Mario Kart Wii

epic.FOUR Mario Kart Wii

The entrants have raced it out, dodging green shells and bananas, to whittle down the 16 entrants to just 2. Finalists who will be racing for victory tomorrow morning (thankfully we don't have to worry about blood alcohol levels!) are:

  • Kamikaze
  • Matthab

Mario Kart Wii Tournament at epic.FOUR

We were thinkingepic4 Mario Kart recently how F1 could be made more exciting, and rather than adjustable rear wings, all the FIA need to do really is equip the cars with red shells and banana skins, then we'd have some overtaking and interesting racing.

Anyway, real-life motorsports aside, we'd also like to announce that we're returning to Mario Kart Wii for our fun console tournament at epic.FOUR later this month.

Just like with our earlier UT2k4 announcement, we've decided to go back to a console game which has been enjoyed by many at our past events. Plus with the random nature of the game, you all have a good chance at winning!

Our console area is available for everybody to use through the event and will be equipped with an Xbox360, Wii and N64 for some retro gaming action on our big screen. You can also bring your own controllers and games along for any of these consoles to play along with your fellow gamers.