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epic.FOUR Plain Sight Tournament

The initial knockout stages have taken place, after some technical problems, and we're now down to four players who will take part in the final at 12noon on Sunday which will see epic.LAN and LanOps members in a sword-equipped battle with suicidal ninja robots!

Your Plain Sight finalists are:

  • Winbar
  • Storm Seeker
  • Thorn0
  • Deltaphoenix

Win a copy of Plain Sight with epic.LAN

Plain Sight GiveawayIf you haven't yet played the fantastic indie title, Plain Sight, then you can win a copy in our epic.LAN Plain Sight Giveaway.

Plain Sight will be featuring as one of our fun tournaments at epic.FOUR next weekend (29th July - 1st August) and if you don't already have a copy, or you want to win one for your friends, then you can join in our free competition to win one in time to play in the epic.FOUR tournament.

All you have to do to enter is answer a couple of simple questions about the game correctly, we'll then pick out the winners at 10pm on the Thursday at epic.FOUR. You don't have to be at the LAN to win, but it would be much better if you are!

Fun Plain Sight Tournament at epic.FOUR

Plain SightSuicidal ninja sword-wielding robots...

Such an obvious concept for a game! You play a robot character, collect energy from falling stars or by killing other robots with your sword, and when you've collected enough energy, you go suicidal in a giant explosion. The bigger the bang, the more points you get...simples!

We'll be running a fun Plain Sight tournament as part of the epic.FOUR LAN Party in July at Uttoxeter Racecourse.The exact game format is to be determined based on your feedback, but is likely to be selected from Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag.

If you don't already have Plain Sight, you can grab it now from Steam and you can also play on our own Plain Sight Server.


Plain Sight

MOAR GAMING.... We request your presence for the first epic.Thursday @ 20:00.

The new indie hit, Plain Sight, is this week's game of choice. Loads of people have bought it recently and it's an easy game to pick up and play (it's cheap too!)

Check it out on steam

epic.Thursday is the second of our two weekly games nights and will feature games that are a bit different from our Tuesday events, including a number of free games such as Warsow, Armagetron and more!

See you in the server!