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Have you seen your achievements?

AchievementsIf you were at epic.FOUR you may have noticed that you were racking up achievements during the LAN for various activities and events. If you haven't seen, then check out your profile to see which ones you, and your follow gamers, gained over the weekend.

Here's mine as an example, and you can click on names in the attendance list from epic.FOUR to see more profiles from the people who attended.

Revamped Profiles Now Live

During the Community Workshops held at epic.THREE we received feedback on how to make the epic community better and help you all get to know each other that little bit more. One area that was discussed was giving everyone a little bit of background to the people you play online and chat in the forums with.

To kick it off, we started the epic.Statistics so that you could track how well you've played on our servers. The next stage was then to pull all of the information about you into one location, your profile.

We've all had a profile on the website since it launched but it was only used to display previous events and achievements. There were also two types; the main site profile and your phpBB profile on the forums.

The changes we've made:

  • Merged your forum profile into the main site (contact emails/website etc)
  • Linking your account to your statistics when you enter your Steam Id
  • Allowed you to add additional contact information (including adding each other directly to Steam Friends)
  • Allowed you to add background and rig information

The profile is updated from the My Account link on the main site navigation, so please have a look and let us know what you think. If you have any problems, drop us a message on the forums and we'll look into it for you. The forum control panel will still need to be used for managing your forum specific settings (time/date format, avatar and signature).

It is also worth pointing out that filling out the new look profiles is not mandatory and as default won't make public any more information about you than is already on the epic sites - the additional information can only be viewed by logged in members.