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TLR vs London Lynx Recap

Seeding a tournament like this is always tricky, especially when there are only four seeds to allocate to a cohort of quite evenly matched teams. As it stands, the match up began with TLR entering as an unseeded team, whilst the London Lynx had been given the fourth. With that in mind, the TLR team entered this game wishing to right what they considered to be a wrong, and prove that the seed was rightfully theirs. Though, as it happens, all this match served to prove was that the initial statement made was a correct one – the teams are very evenly matched.

After the veto had taken place and the map, de_mirage, had been decided, the knife round began. First time around, it transpired that a cheeky practical joker had bound one of the players mouse buttons to execute the “kill” command, causing them to commit suicide. As the CS scene is fully comprised of nice guys, it was decided that the round be played again, and second time around it was TLR that emerged the victory, and opted to stay on the terrorist side.


The Last Resort kicked things off with a quick push towards the B bombsite, where two of the five Lynx were caught off guard and fell without much of a fight. After taking control of the site and successfully planting the bomb, it was plain sailing for TLR to see the round go their way. Following this they also took the second round of the game, cleverly holding back as the London Lynx pushed towards them. 


One would expect that the success of the first two rounds may have lead to securing the third, however the Lynx, armed with nothing but pistols, managed to fend of an A bombsite split against the mixed buy that TLR were left with from the previous round. It seemed this may have knocked the confidence of the TLR side as they then went on to lose a further four rounds leaving them quite far behind. From there though the team bounced back and also claimed themselves four rounds back, with some spectacular marksmanship from TLR's BeNKoFk who rolled through the LL side with relative ease. The rest of the half seemed to go back and forth with the overall half time score finishing up at 9-6 to TLR.


Starting off the second half the Lynx were keen to equalise the scoreline, and did so quite convincingly after taking the pistol as well as the two rounds that followed. Once they had hit the nine round mark, they powered on and moved to take a further couple of rounds with fast pushes onto either bombsite. At this point, TLR's crazycat swung the game around with two quick opening kills onto a rushing side of the Lynx. The following round he was at it again retaking the A bombsite after his team mates had fallen, eventually being aided by BeNKoFk to win the round. Once the scoreline hit 13-13 it was clear that this match would go all the way through to the final round, and that it did. At 13-15 to London Lynx, TLR went down with a two player deficit and it looked to be all over, but the reaming players managed to bring it back to 15-14. The final round went back and forth but eventually it ended with a 15-15 scoreline. 


Next up for TLR is TeamCRG, who they were scheduled to play earlier in the day.