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Bringing you Fun LAN Gaming in EPIC Quantities

Epic Logoepic.LAN is here to bring the fun back to LAN gaming, after all most of us attended our first LAN party to enjoy fun games in a social environment. 

The team behind epic.LAN has over 6 years of experience delivering gaming events for both social and competitive gamers as well as a wide industry experience. The team are also avid gamers themselves and you will often see them on online servers as well as visiting LAN events worldwide to look at what works best for our home LANs. 

With a fresh start, we have a fantastic opportunity to try out some new ideas for the events, all of which are aimed at relaxing the atmosphere and increasing the enjoyment. 

Initially we're going to put our efforts into running two events per year for around 100 people, details of the first event can be found by following the navigation above. Some of the things that you'll find at epic.ONE include:

  • epic.Games - Various big games will go up through the day that you're free to join and play along in.
  • epic.Tournaments - Nothing serious, no prizes, just honour, pride etc. Some of these fun tournaments won't even be on computers!
  • epic.Tunes - Throughout the day and evening (not while people are sleeping) we'll get some tunes on the go to give ++ atmosphere
  • epic.Quiz - Join with teams of up to 5 people for a chance to win in our quiz. Everyone throws in a few pounds and the winning teams take the prize.
  • epic.Hunt - Follow the clues around the venue to pick up a prize.
  • epic.Achievements - Certain things that you do at the event will give achievements which will be added up at the end of the event.
  • Not to mention all of the usual things you would expect to find such as consoles, social/chill-out area, licensed bar, pool tables etc.

We're currently working on full functionality for the site including a new booking system, but in the mean time if you so desperately want to secure your place at this first epic event then there is information on the epic.ONE page.

Fun LAN gaming has returned, and it's going to be epic! 

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