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CoD4 Grand Final Recap

After a long weekend of Call of Duty, in the end, just two teams remained to duke it out for the title of epic.TEN CoD4 champions.

Coming from the upper bracket was the second seeded mix team of Phantasmagoria, a team comprised of numerous players with an ever growing history within the Call of Duty scene. Entering as the opposition from the lower bracket was imGaming, the tournament's first seed, and it was originally Phantasmagoria who put them there.


Phantasmagoria had lost just a single map on their route to the final, against imGaming, but easily dispatched of both Decerto and vitalGaming on their way. imGaming dropped one group stage game to the third seed, Decerto, but they had their revenge in the lower bracket final where they defeated them 2-0.

As the team entering from the lower bracket, imGaming were left with an automatic 1 map deficit, and with it being just a best of three series, this meant that Phantasmagoria needed just one map to take the tournament win. Earlier in the tournament, imGaming had suffered a defeat on mp_backlot against their opposition, so it came as a surprise when they announced it to be their map of choice.

The match began with Phantasmagoria on the attacking side, and quickly rounds began to go to either team one by one, seeing them neck and neck all the way throughout the first half. As soon as it looked like one team were developing a lead, it was quickly equalised by their competition. As a result of this, the first half of the map ended all tied up with a 6-6 scoreline.

Moving in to the second side, the Phantasmagoria side started off by pulling off ahead by two rounds, taking early player advantages through the use of strategicly placed tac nades, seeing imGaming drop one or two players entering the first couple of rounds. It seemed as if the momentum had gone their way, and they soon found themselves up 10-6 after some relatively painless exchanges with the imGaming side. At this point, a time-out was called, allowing the losing side to regain their thoughts before entering further in to the game. It seemed to work to, at least for a single round, bringing the score line to 10-7, however Phantasmagoria swiftly returned to winning ways after a close one versus one situation between imGaming's “CHRIS” and “vae” from Phantasmagoria.

From there on it appeared to be autopilot for the Phantasmagoria side as they took all of the remaining rounds required to find themselves crowned as the epic.TEN CoD4 champions, taking home a nice cash sum of £850.