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epic.ELEVEN Tournament Signups

epic.ELEVEN Tournament SignupsThe team signups for our main epic.ELEVEN tournaments are now open.

Once you've booked your event tickets, head over to our tournament site, log in with your normal details and then either create a new team, or join an existing team using the password from your team leader. 

All teams need to be signed up and confirmed by 8pm on Thursday 25th July, but the sooner people get teams sorted, the sooner schedules can be released!

CoD4 Grand Final Recap

After a long weekend of Call of Duty, in the end, just two teams remained to duke it out for the title of epic.TEN CoD4 champions.

Coming from the upper bracket was the second seeded mix team of Phantasmagoria, a team comprised of numerous players with an ever growing history within the Call of Duty scene. Entering as the opposition from the lower bracket was imGaming, the tournament's first seed, and it was originally Phantasmagoria who put them there.

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CoD4 Round 2 Recap


The second round of games in the Call of Duty 4 tournament elimination bracket here at epic.TEN have just ended with the Phantasmagoria team defeating the tournaments number one seed, imGaming, two maps to one. The other upper bracket semi-final game saw the third and fourth seeded teams go head to head, where Team Decerto came out on top after taking a two to nil win. 


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CoD4 Round 1 Recap

The Call of Duty 4 tournament saw the eight teams allocated with a seed progress from the group stage through to elimination phase, meaning that the first round consisted of some fantastic matches with even better ones expected to come.

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epic.NINE COD4 Tournament Results

cod4 resultsWhat a fantastic tournament there was all kinds of exciting matches happening throught the weekend and the winners have been confirmed as Phantasmagoria with Apex eSports coming in second.

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Call of Duty 4 Groups

epic.EIGHT COD4The group schedule for the epic.EIGHT Tt eSports COD4 tournament is now live. For detailed coverage, take a look at Tek-9's epic.LAN page and remember that you'll be able to tune in to key matches and commentary as well as having a range of VoDs with QuadV.

epic.SEVEN COD4 Final

Just giving sorting out the bank transfers for the teams (before the event ends) I realised I had neglected to put the results on the front page.

The final was best of three played between Fragmasters.Sapphire and LANiMALS with Fragmasters.Sapphire winning 13:05

United Kingdom Fragmasters.Sapphire - £525 + 5x Roccat Alumic +tickets to epic.EIGHT
United Kingdom LANiMALS - £225 + discounted tickets to epic.EIGHT
United Kingdom epic mix

We have also announced the price pot for epic.EIGHT has increaded to £2500

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