The gaming network is the most critical part of a LAN event, it is literally in the name. That is why EPIC.LAN’s latest partnership with DrayTek makes perfect sense. Where else is better to show off a high-performance network than a LAN party?

The partnership will see DrayTek become the Official Network Partner of EPIC.LAN for 2023/24 with their investment in the latest hardware to connect hundreds of players together at the event, bringing tangible technical quality improvements to everyone participating.

Those attending EPIC39 will be able to see DrayTek hardware front and centre, as they plug in to the Vigor enterprise switch range as well as seeing deeper insights into network performance over the course of the event.  They will also be able to get a taste of the consumer products DrayTek has to offer at the events with demonstrations of their wider product range. EPIC.LAN will also deploy DrayTek hardware across a wide range of other UK and Ireland gaming and esports events as part of its technical services agency offering.

Jacob McNally, Partnerships Coordinator at EPIC.LAN, said “EPIC.LAN has a rich history of providing one of the best player experiences around, and we are very proud of that. Having DrayTek on board means we can continue to grow and improve that experience, letting people play and compete in an extremely competitive setting. Our goal has always been to put players at the forefront of whatever we do, and DrayTek certainly shares that goal.”

Gareth Long, Business Director at DrayTek, said “We are delighted to be partnering with a renowned esports entity like EPIC.LAN. DrayTek's collaboration with EPIC.LAN exemplifies our commitment to supporting the gaming community and providing superior networking solutions for competitive gaming. By joining forces with them, we aim to create an immersive and seamless LAN tournament environment that truly showcases the passion and skill of competitive gaming.”

EPIC39 takes place at a temporary home, Wolverhampton Racecourse, July 27th-30th. For more information, or to purchase tickets, head to www.epiclan.co.uk.